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John Boykin
John Boykin, UX Researcher

I’ve done hundreds of interviews, with everyone from top government officials and executives to farmers and moms, from physicians and Nobel Prize winners to pilots and teenage gamers.

I’ve planned and conducted usability tests, written surveys, analyzed web server log data, and combed through declassified government documents.



I've done hundreds of interviews, planned and conducted usability tests, written surveys, and analyzed web server log data.


Other kinds of research
  • Macy's and Bloomingdale's: analyzed Customer Service call logs, synthesized main problems driving calls, interviewed Customer Service reps, recommended steps to reduce calls
  • Prosper: analyzed dropoff in borrower application process, identified problems contributing to dropoff at each step, proposed specific changes to reduce dropoff
  • Bank of America: in-depth analysis of web server logs, search engine logs, surveys, raw user feedback reports, ethnographic research observing blind people using the site
  • Visa: interviews with over a dozen customer support reps and credit card manufacturers around the world
  • Nuance: competitive audit, review of best practices for self-identification, analyzed site analytics, wrote consumer survey and stakeholder interview questions
  • Advent Software: overhauled user personas
  • Krames: about a dozen interviews with physicians and other health-care providers, plus studying 100-500 pages of journal articles for each of the 14 medical/health booklets I wrote for them
  • One Brief Miracle: my second book, based on hundreds of hours of interviews and thousands of pages of declassified government documents
  • Stanford Magazine, Stanford Lawyer Magazine, Dramatics, Women's Sports: interviews and misc. research for dozens of magazine articles
  • Law offices of Anderlini Finkelstein Emerick and of Steven Valdes: analyzed tall stacks of legal briefs to design courtroom exhibits that distill essence of attorneys' cases